Feminist Theory &Christian Theology

Welcome to Feminist Theory and Christian Theology!

Dr. Shelli Poe
Fall 2020
Office Hours: Sept 22, Oct 13, Nov 3 from 10:30-11:45am MST, and by appointment.
Phone: 320-444-1905
Email: spoe@iliff.edu

Course Goals

The goal of this course is to equip and empower you to be able to talk with your future church congregants, undergraduate students, or community members about feminist theory and Christian theology. To do so, you will need to know:

You will also need to be able to make an argument regarding at least one of the following:

Course Activities

The learning activities we use throughout the semester will allow you to acquire the knowledge and skills required to achieve our learning goals. You will primarily be asked to read book chapters and articles, engage with classmates in discussions, collaboratively curate a set of resources, and practice making arguments and responding to others in both shorter and longer writings.


Please purchase the following texts:

Each week, we will read about 75 pages of the above books, and from other book chapters and articles as posted. As you encounter and synthesize new material, I encourage you to keep our course goals in mind as a way to focus your thoughts and energies. Whenever you read a new text, you might ask yourself:

To help you understand the texts we will be reading in the course, students will take turns providing background information and further resources about the theologians we will be reading. Please sign up for one theologian by Wednesday, September 16.


After reading, you will have the opportunity to step back and reflect on what you’ve encountered in the reading, to see how others respond to the text, and to engage with them about particular portions of the readings.

Course Rhythm

The rhythm of each week will look like this:








Read new material


Reply to classmates’ posts

Background Info & Resources due; Respond to replies on discussion posts; Project Drafts due

Course Project

The project will be an opportunity for you to utilize the knowledge and skills you've gained during the course. In addition, it will be useful to you in your future ministry, since the project is situated in a real-life situation of your choice.

As a minister or teacher who is introducing feminist theology to others, you will need to do more than simply provide a useful summary of important feminist theologians, their motivations, and their key ideas and questions. You will also need to tell your readers your perspective on the material. To do so, make an argument regarding one of the following within the project:

Throughout the course, you will have the opportunity to make some progress on the final project by creating drafts of each part of the project.

When constructing the final version of your project:

Week 1 (Sept 14-19): Introduction to Feminism


Week 2 (Sept 20-26): The Project of Feminist Theology


Week 3 (Sept 27-Oct 3): Feminist Discussions of Sanctification and Justification


Week 4 (Oct 4-10): Sin and Grace


Week 5 (Oct 11-17): Church and Spirit


Week 6 (Oct 18-24): God and Creation


Week 7 (Oct 25-31): The Divine in Feminist Interreligious Dialogue pt. 1


Week 8 (Nov 1-7): The Divine in Feminist Interreligious Dialogue pt. 2


Week 9 (Nov 8-14): The Divine in Feminist Interreligious Dialogue pt. 3


Week 10 (Nov 15-20): Final Project Review, Feedback, and Revisions

Please click "Course Calendar" for course readings and assignments.

Sep 25, 2020FriWeek 2 Discussion Postdue by 05:59AM
Sep 26, 2020SatWeek 2 Discussion Repliesdue by 05:59AM
Sep 27, 2020SunProject Section 1 Draftdue by 05:59AM
Sep 28, 2020MonProject Section 1 Peer reviewdue by 05:59AM
Sep 28, 2020MonWeek 3 Readingdue by 05:59AM
Oct 02, 2020FriWeek 3 Discussion Postdue by 05:59AM
Oct 03, 2020SatWeek 3 Discussion Repliesdue by 05:59AM
Oct 04, 2020SunWeek 3 Discussion Responsesdue by 05:59AM
Oct 05, 2020MonWeek 4 Readingdue by 05:59AM
Oct 09, 2020FriWeek 4 Discussion Postdue by 05:59AM
Oct 10, 2020SatWeek 4 Discussion Replydue by 05:59AM
Oct 11, 2020SunProject Section 2 Draftdue by 05:59AM
Oct 12, 2020MonProject Section 2 Peer Reviewdue by 05:59AM
Oct 12, 2020MonWeek 5 Readingdue by 05:59AM
Oct 16, 2020FriWeek 5 Discussion Postdue by 05:59AM
Oct 17, 2020SatWeek 5 Discussion Repliesdue by 05:59AM
Oct 18, 2020SunWeek 5 Discussion Responsesdue by 05:59AM
Oct 19, 2020MonWeek 6 Readingdue by 05:59AM
Oct 23, 2020FriWeek 6 Discussion Postdue by 05:59AM
Oct 24, 2020SatWeek 6 Discussion Replydue by 05:59AM
Oct 25, 2020SunProject Section 3 Draftdue by 05:59AM
Oct 26, 2020MonWeek 7 Readingdue by 05:59AM
Oct 26, 2020MonProject Section 3 Peer Reviewdue by 05:59AM
Oct 30, 2020FriWeek 7 Discussion Postdue by 05:59AM
Oct 31, 2020SatWeek 7 Discussion Repliesdue by 05:59AM
Nov 01, 2020SunWeek 7 Discussion Responsesdue by 05:59AM
Nov 02, 2020MonWeek 8 Readingdue by 06:59AM
Nov 06, 2020FriWeek 8 Discussion Postdue by 06:59AM
Nov 07, 2020SatWeek 8 Discussion Repliesdue by 06:59AM
Nov 08, 2020SunWeek 8 Discussion Responsesdue by 06:59AM
Nov 09, 2020MonWeek 9 Readingdue by 06:59AM
Nov 13, 2020FriWeek 9 Discussion Postdue by 06:59AM
Nov 14, 2020SatWeek 9 Discussion Replydue by 06:59AM
Nov 15, 2020SunProject Section 4 Draftdue by 06:59AM
Nov 16, 2020MonProject Section 4 Peer Reviewdue by 06:59AM
Nov 21, 2020SatFinal Projectdue by 06:59AM