Hebrew Bible Lit: Psalms

Instructor: Amy Erickson, Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible

Draft Syllabus

Readings: Most of the readings will come from the The Oxford Handbook of the Psalms . Edited by William P. Brown. The entire volume is available through the Iliff library’s suite of on-line resources (Oxford Handbooks Online Religion). You will be able to find the majority of the articles I’ve assigned through EBSCOHost. If I know they’re not available electronically through the Iliff databases, I will post PDFs. And of course, if you have any trouble finding something, email me or one of the helpful librarians.

Course Overview


Course Objectives


Mar 25, 2020WedIntroductionsdue by 05:59AM
Mar 26, 2020ThuWeek 1. Introduction to the Psalmsdue by 05:59AM
Apr 02, 2020ThuWeek 2. Lament Psalmsdue by 05:59AM
Apr 04, 2020SatPsalm 44due by 05:59AM
Apr 09, 2020ThuWeek 3. Imprecatory Psalms. due by 05:59AM
Apr 13, 2020MonMore on Psalm 137due by 05:59AM
Apr 16, 2020ThuWeek 4. Psalms of Praise and Thanksgiving: The Psalms as Poetrydue by 05:59AM
Apr 20, 2020MonWeek 5. Zoom Meetingsdue by 05:59AM
Apr 21, 2020TuePsalm 104due by 05:59AM
Apr 30, 2020ThuWeek 6. Contextual Readingsdue by 05:59AM
May 05, 2020TueSmall Group Discussions (Weeks 7 and 8)due by 05:59AM
May 17, 2020SunGroup Submission (Weeks 7 and 8)due by 05:59AM
May 24, 2020SunFinal Projects or Papers Due (Week 9)due by 05:59AM