Religions of Afro-Atlantic Diaspora

Here is a link to the syllabus for our course.  Please read it carefully.

Syllabus - Religions of Afro Atlantic Diaspora.pdf

Sep 16, 2019MonWeek 1. Discussion - Introductions!due by 05:59AM
Sep 23, 2019MonWeek 2. Discussion. What Are Afro-Atlantic Religions?due by 05:59AM
Sep 30, 2019MonWeek 3. Discussion. Our Theoretical Approach.due by 05:59AM
Oct 07, 2019MonWeek 4 Discussion. African American Indigeneity and Southern Black Religiondue by 05:59AM
Oct 21, 2019MonWeek 6 Discussion. Santeria/Lucumi/Regla de Ochadue by 05:59AM
Oct 28, 2019MonWeek 7 Discussion. If√°/Yoruba religiondue by 05:59AM
Nov 04, 2019MonWeek 8 Discussion. Haitian Vodoudue by 06:59AM
Nov 11, 2019MonWeek 9 Discussion. African American Christianity as Diasporic Religiondue by 06:59AM
Nov 20, 2019WedFinal Exam or Final Projectdue by 06:59AM