Liberation Theologies

Instructor: Miguel A. De La Torre


Office Hours: Arranged by email

Course Synopsis:

Purpose: This course examines the emergence and development of the different manifestations of Liberation Theologies and global social protest. Special attention is given to texts and traditions from different ethnic and racial communities, both domestically and international; treating them as living changing heritages, in order to propose critical options which foster emancipatory practices in the contemporary struggle for justice.  The course will concentrate on Liberation theologies, ethics, and hermeneutics. 

Objectives: The aim of this survey course is to enable students to accomplish the following goals: First, to read and reflect upon tensions in the various perspectives on religion and race, class and gender as they relation to theologies of Liberation. Second, investigate consciously constructive religious protest narratives as to the resistance and struggle against Eurocentric domination and oppression. Finally, to examine the challenges various liberative paradigms address to religious traditions from the Eurocentric world. Furthermore, the course will attempt to:

  1. To teach students how to identify ethical and theological assumptions implicit in the moral life of disenfranchised persons and communities.
  1. To teach students to examine critically their own theological and ethical assumptions as well as prevailing ethical assumptions in faith communities and society.
  1. To teach selected options in contemporary religious theories, with special emphasis on liberative theories.
  1. To enable students to develop an understanding of Liberation Theologies which they can articulate and advocate with critical awareness as religious leaders.
  1. To relate theoretical liberative perspectives to select issues in society, especially those germane to pastoral practice.



This quarter, we'll be having several Zoom meeting sessions as a way of communicating "in person" as well as through the online discussion forums.  These sessions will be a great way to talk about the readings and pose questions and comments in live format, and get some face time with your instructor! Attendance is optional.

We'll be holding them on different dates and times.

They will be held on the following dates:

June 26 at 6pm - Link to:

July 8 at 7pm - Link to:

July 20 at 6pm - Link to:

August 2 at 7pm - Link to:




Recommended Readings:

De La Torre, Liberation Theology for Armchair Theologians .

Required Readings:

De La Torre, Gonna Trouble the Waters

_______, Handbook of U.S. Theologies of Liberation

________, Introducing Liberative Theologies

________, The Hope of Liberation in World Religions

Smith, The Emergence of Liberation Theology

Required Film Watching:

Romero , staring Raul Julia

Jun 08, 2021TueIntroductionsdue by 05:59AM
Jun 10, 2021ThuThe Historical Roots of Liberation Theologydue by 05:58AM
Jun 14, 2021MonThe Historical Roots of Liberation Theology Discussiondue by 05:59AM
Jun 17, 2021ThuLatin American/Latinx Liberative Theologiesdue by 05:59AM
Jun 21, 2021MonLatin American/Latinx Liberation Theologies Discussiondue by 05:59AM
Jun 24, 2021ThuAsian/Asian American Liberative Theologiesdue by 05:58AM
Jun 28, 2021MonAsian/Asian-American Liberation Theologies Discussiondue by 05:59AM
Jul 01, 2021ThuAfrican/African-American Liberative Theologiesdue by 05:58AM
Jul 05, 2021MonAfrican/African-American Liberation Theologies Discussiondue by 05:59AM
Jul 08, 2021ThuGender and Orientationdue by 05:58AM
Jul 12, 2021MonGender and Orientation Discussiondue by 05:59AM
Jul 15, 2021ThuThe Poor and Disabledue by 05:58AM
Jul 19, 2021MonThe Poor and Disable Discussiondue by 05:59AM
Jul 20, 2021TueThesis Statementdue by 05:59AM
Jul 22, 2021ThuJewish and Islamic Liberative Theologiesdue by 05:58AM
Jul 26, 2021MonJewish and Islamic Discussiondue by 05:59AM
Jul 29, 2021ThuIndigenous and Humanist Liberative Theologiesdue by 05:58AM
Aug 02, 2021MonIndigenous and Humanist Discussiondue by 05:59AM
Aug 05, 2021ThuEnvironmental Liberation due by 05:58AM
Aug 09, 2021MonEnvironmental Discussiondue by 05:59AM
Aug 14, 2021SatFinal Examdue by 05:59AM