Ethics in an Age of Plagues, Pestilence, & Pandemics


Miguel A. De La Torre - (303) 765-3133

Course Description

Maybe the pandemic is almost over? Maybe the world continues to be in its deadly grip? What we do know is in the aftermath of such deadly epidemics, the societal bonds which once held community together are frayed if not completely broken as radical changes take hold and new ways of being arise. This course will wrestle with the importance of maintaining a moral compass during crisis and an ethical vision as a new reality is constructed. Special attention will be given to how not all suffer equally, and the role racism, classism, and sexism during national emergencies. Finally, the course would assist the student in finding their own ethical voice during a time of hopelessness and desperation.

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Other Syllabus Items

Jun 13, 2022MonIntroductory Discussiondue by 06:02AM
Jun 20, 2022MonThe Black Death Part 1 Discussiondue by 06:02PM
Jun 27, 2022MonThe Black Death Part 2 Discussiondue by 06:02AM
Jul 04, 2022MonSamuel Pepys' Personal Account of the 1665 Great Plague of London Discussiondue by 06:02AM
Jul 11, 2022MonThe 1919 Influenza - Part 1 Discussiondue by 06:02AM
Jul 18, 2022MonThe 1919 Influenza - Part 2 Discussiondue by 06:02AM
Jul 25, 2022MonEmbracing Hopelessness Discussiondue by 06:02PM
Aug 01, 2022MonMoving Beyond Hopelessness Discussiondue by 06:02AM
Aug 08, 2022MonHoping Against Hope Discussiondue by 06:02AM
Aug 15, 2022MonF*cking with the Shitstems Discussiondue by 06:02AM
Aug 23, 2022TueFinal Examdue by 05:59AM