Prophetic Leadership Through Pastoral Engagement


Bishop Karen Oliveto ( Available by appointment)

Course Synopsis:

Peter Steinke, a Lutheran pastor and a congregational systems consultant, wrote in the Christian Century:

“Many clergy are caught in a vise. They’ve been trained to be priestly in their ministry and have received little assistance in being prophetic and visionary. The priest is the consoler, the reconciler and the soul friend. Relational abilities are paramount. Healing is the centerpiece of this activity.
The prophet, in contrast, speaks out and is a truth teller, though not brash or cynical; the prophet cares about people but at times may use militant words. Awareness and action are the heart of the prophet’s work.

With steep changes happening in our society, congregations have to ask themselves whether they are responding to a world that no longer exists and whether they have the sort of leadership required to shift to new understanding and practices. Yes, the priestly work is always needed, but ... does your congregation need a more prophetic ministry?”
(Steinke, Peter. “Buckle Up: Congregational Change Isn’t Easy.” Christian Century, 04 Nov. 2010)

This course utilizes scripture, theology, and leadership studies as well as biography to explore the topic of prophetic leadership. A prophetic leader is a person of faith who feels a deep call to be prophetic in a particular situation, time and place; understands the biblical prophetic tradition; insightfully analyzes the present situation; imagines and projects possible futures; and seeks shalom and justice in the congregation and community of which he or she is a part. This seminar interprets and applies these five components of prophetic leadership in contemporary congregational and community contexts. Students will explore issues related to pastoring and prophetic leadership, learn from other prophetic leaders, and begin to articulate a prophetic vision of shalom and justice within their own congregations and communities.


By the end of the course students will:

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Nov 26, 2018MonScripture and the Prophetic Vision of the Beloved Communitydue by 03:30PM
Nov 26, 2018MonBook Reportdue by 03:31PM
Nov 27, 2018TueThe Call to Engagementdue by 03:30PM
Nov 28, 2018WedProphetic Leadership in the Community: Assets and Alliesdue by 03:30PM
Nov 29, 2018ThuThe Cost of Prophetic Leadershipdue by 03:30PM
Nov 30, 2018FriTo Be a People of Hopedue by 03:30PM
Nov 30, 2018FriReflection Paper - Costs of Prophetic Leadershipdue by 03:31PM
Dec 04, 2018TueFinal Paperdue by 06:59AM