Race Talk

Course Synopsis

The Race Talk Course is an outgrowth of the Race Talk Event facilitated by Dr. Timothy and Dr. Dwinita Mosby- Tyler, at Shorter Community AME Church, Denver,  in August of 2017 following the race riots fueled by the Neo-Nazi white supremacists in Charlotte, North Carolina. The focus of the Race Talk Course is to equip the participants to both discuss and lead discussions about race, racism and white supremacy in diverse settings. This 8- session course will engage students to look critically at the role that systemic racism has played in fueling the past and present -day societal dysfunctions and disparities concerning race and racism.

Overview & Objectives:

This course is fueled by the passionate and consistent participation of each student.

The topics to be discussed over the next few weeks include but are not limited to:

The Objectives of this course are:

a. to identify and describe the eight major systems that will be discussed in this course.

b. to describe and articulate ways in which these systems can be reimagined to be racially inclusive

c.  to gain a better understanding about the short term and long term affects of systemic trauma

The Texts which will be utilized for assignments and discussions include :

White Rage by Carol Anderson

The Race Talk Workbook by Dr. Timothy Tyler & Dr. Nita Mosby Tyler (The workbook has been  uploaded. The  link below will give you access to the workbook).

Race Talk Workbook

The Color of Law by Richard Rothstein

White People Really Love Salad by Dr. Nita Mosby Tyler

White Too Long by Robert P. Jones

Grading for this course will be determined by:

Discussions: 25 %

Group Collaborations/Participation 25%

Final Paper:  50 %

Total Possible Score: 100%

There will be three virtual check- in sessions during the semester. The schedule is

Thursday, April  8 - 9:00 AM - 10:15 AM

Thursday, April  22 - 9:00 AM - 10:15 AM

Thursday, May 13  - 9:00 AM - 10:15 AM

Please feel free to enter for questions, concerns or clarification purposes. The Zoom Link :




The objectives are:


Mar 29, 2021MonWorkbook Section 1 / America Has Never Not Been Racistdue by 03:15PM
Apr 08, 2021ThuSlavery Wasn't that Long Ago / Materials for Discussion and Reflection / Zoom Call Thursday, April 8 @ 9:00 AMdue by 03:00PM
Apr 21, 2021WedSECTION 3 / RACISM IS SYSTEMICdue by 05:59AM
Apr 22, 2021ThuZoom Session, Thursday, April 22 @ 9:00 AMdue by 04:00PM
Apr 29, 2021ThuWorkbook Section 4: Myths About Racismdue by 04:00PM
May 07, 2021FriSection 6 in the Race Talk Workbook : We Have Normalized Racism / Read Chapter 4 in the book, "White People Really Love Salad "- Becoming Miss Anndue by 05:59PM
May 21, 2021FriExtra Assignment / Section 8- Quit Flipping the Mattress Overdue by 05:59AM
May 23, 2021SunFinal Essaydue by 05:59AM