Introduction to Judaism

A Zoom invitation will be sent out each week. Our Zoom meetings will be recorded and posted in the Discussion Forum for the week shortly after the class meeting.

Update May 12th:  I've updated descriptions of the assignments in accordance with what we've discussed, with one exception which I'll discuss during class.   We can also discuss any further questions you have.

Instructor: Pamela Eisenbaum

N.B. Please contact me using Canvas messaging.

Course Description

This course serves as a basic introduction to Judaism in terms of its history, people, culture, and religious practices and beliefs.  It therefore assumes no significant knowledge of Judaism and that most if not all students are not Jewish.  We meet each Wednesday via Zoom at 1:00.

Required Books:

Update on obtaining reading materials 04-01-20: The library has online copies of the first two books. If you use the library's online copy, I ask that you not download any parts of it, because that may prohibit others' access.  Instead, please read it online at Ebsco (the vendor).  You will need to purchase the other books, i.e. those by Green, Nirenberg, and Rubenstein.  All of them are available in electronic form except the Rubenstein book.

Course Overview


Course Objectives

Participation 25%

Quizzes 25% (there are two; they are not yet visible)

Presentation on a Primary Text 15%

Final Paper/Project 35%

May 28, 2020ThuFinal Paper or Presentationdue by 05:59AM