Parish Leadership& Congreg.Developm

Sep 12, 2018WedVideo Introductionsdue by 05:59AM
Sep 13, 2018ThuWeek 1: Introduction to Leadershipdue by 05:59AM
Sep 17, 2018MonWeek 1: Introduction to Leadership (cont.)due by 05:59AM
Sep 20, 2018ThuWeek 2: Roles and Functions of Pastoral Leadershipdue by 05:59AM
Sep 24, 2018MonWeek 2: Roles and Functions of Pastoral Leadership (cont.)due by 05:59AM
Sep 27, 2018ThuWeek 3: Leadership Excellencedue by 05:59AM
Oct 01, 2018MonWeek 3: Leadership Excellence (cont.)due by 05:59AM
Oct 04, 2018ThuWeek 4: Identities in Leadershipdue by 05:59AM
Oct 08, 2018MonCase Study #1due by 05:59AM
Oct 08, 2018MonWeek 4: Identities in Leadership (cont.)due by 05:59AM
Oct 11, 2018ThuCase Study #1 (cont.)due by 05:59AM
Oct 11, 2018ThuWeek 5: Self-Differentiated Leadership / Congregational Culture (Gathering Days)due by 05:59AM
Oct 18, 2018ThuWeek 6: Challenge and Change in Congregationsdue by 05:59AM
Oct 22, 2018MonFinal Project Option Selectiondue by 05:59AM
Oct 22, 2018MonWeek 6: Challenge and Change in Congregations (cont.)due by 05:59AM
Oct 25, 2018ThuWeek 7: Group Processes and Dynamicsdue by 05:59AM
Oct 29, 2018MonWeek 7: Group Processes and Dynamics (cont.)due by 05:59AM
Oct 29, 2018MonCase Study #2due by 05:59AM
Nov 01, 2018ThuWeek 8: Strategic Visioning/Planning and Evaluationdue by 05:59AM
Nov 05, 2018MonCase Study #2 (cont.)due by 06:59AM
Nov 05, 2018MonWeek 8: Strategic Visioning/Planning and Evaluation (cont.)due by 06:59AM
Nov 08, 2018ThuWeek 9: Governancedue by 06:59AM
Nov 12, 2018MonWeek 9: Governance (cont.)due by 06:59AM
Nov 15, 2018ThuWeek 10: Financial Management and Budgeting; Professional Ethicsdue by 06:59AM
Nov 17, 2018SatWeek 10: Financial Management and Budgeting; Professional Ethics (cont.)due by 06:59AM
Nov 17, 2018SatFinal Projectdue by 06:59AM