Worship in Multicultural Contexts

Course Syllabus :


Required Texts:

  1. Becker, Amy J., “Want to be Multiethnic? Get Ready for Discomfort.” (Available in Canvas).
  2. Costen, Melva, W., African American Christian Worship (updated edition). ISBN: 978-0-687-64622-7.
  3. Francis, Mark K., C.S.V., Shape A Circle Ever Wider: Liturgical Inculturation in the United States . ISBN: 1-56854-277-1.
  4. Gonzalez, Justo (ed.), Alabadle!: Hispanic Christian Worship. ISBN: 0-687-01032-2.
  5. Kim, Eunjoo, Christian Preaching and Worship in Multicultural Contexts . ISBN: 0814663206.
  6. Seonwoo, Hyuk, “Whose Christmas Is Coming?: Christmas Season and White Privilege.” (Available in Canvas).
  7. Yee, Russell, Worship on the Way: Exploring Asian North American Christian Experience. ISBN: 978-0-8170-1707-1.

Recommended Texts:

  1. Duck, Ruth, Worship for the Whole People of God . ISBN: 978-0-664-23427-0.

Suggested Texts:

  1. Black, Kathleen, et al., Rhythms of Religious Rituals: The Yearly Cycle of Jews, Christians, and Muslims . 978-1946230157.
  2. Tanner, Kathryn, Theories of Culture: A New Agenda for Theology. ISBN: 080063097
  3. a parable.pdf

Course Materials:

  1. Hyuk Seonwoo-Whose Christmas Is Coming.pdf
  2. Want to Be Multiethnic Get Ready For Discomfort _ Thin Places _ A blog by Amy Julia Becker on Faith, Family, and Disability.htm
  3. Criteria for Worship Evaluation.docx
  4. The Politics of Change.docx
  5. Paul Huh-Creating Bilingual Worship Services.docx


  1. Nairobi Statement.pdf
  2. A New Zealand Book of Prayer.docx

Sep 12, 2019ThuWeek 1: One-page Essagy 1due by 05:59AM
Sep 12, 2019ThuWeek 1: Introducing one anotherdue by 05:59AM
Sep 12, 2019ThuWeek 1: Course Syllabus Q & Adue by 05:59AM
Sep 19, 2019ThuWeek 2: One-page Essay 2due by 05:59AM
Sep 26, 2019ThuWeek 3: One-page Essay 3due by 05:59AM
Oct 03, 2019ThuWeek 4: One-page Essay 4due by 05:59AM
Oct 03, 2019ThuWeek 4: Requirement #2/Worship Report 1due by 05:59AM
Oct 08, 2019TueWeek 5 (Gathering Days: 10/08 (Tues) , 1:00-5:00 - 10/09 (Wed.), 8:00 - Noon): Requirement #3due by 05:59AM
Oct 17, 2019ThuWeek 6: One-page Essay 5due by 05:59AM
Oct 24, 2019ThuWeek 7: One-page Essay 6due by 05:59AM
Oct 31, 2019ThuWeek 8: One-page Essay 7due by 05:59AM
Nov 07, 2019ThuWeek 9: Requirement #2/ Worship Report IIdue by 06:59AM
Nov 14, 2019ThuWeek 10: Requirement #4due by 06:59AM