Preaching & Spiritual Leadership

Course Syllabus:

Kim-Preaching and Spiritual Leadership-Spring2020 Re-revised-1.doc

Required Texts:

  1. Cho, Wha Soon, Let the Weak Be Strong: A Woman’s Struggle for Justice, ISBN: 0940989379.
  2. Duchesne, Suzanne, "A Voice Cries Out: The Role of Listening for Revealing Cultural Narratives and Unmasking Whiteness in the Pulpit." (Available on Canvas).
  3. Hooke, Ruthanna B., “The Spirit-Breathed Body: Divine Presence and Eschatological Promise in Preaching,” in Toward a Homiletical Theology of Promises , ed. David S. Jacobsen. (Available on Canvas).
  4. Kim, Eunjoo, Preaching in an Age of Globalization, ISBN: 0664233694.
  5. __________, “Preaching as an Art of Shared Leadership,” in Women, Church, and Leadership: New Paradigms , ed. by Eunjoo Mary Kim (Available on Canvas).
  6. Lowry, Eugene, How to Preach a Parable, ISBN: 0687179246.
  7. Moltmann, Jurgen, The Spirit of Life , Chapters 3, 4, & 5 , ISBN: 0334023378.
  8. Thurman, Howard, The Search for Common Ground, ISBN: 0-913408-94-8, or The Footprints of a Dream, ISBN: 1606084518; “Backs Against the Wall: The Howard Thurman Story” (PBS Documentary:
  9. Tutu, Desmond, God Has a Dream: A Vision of Hope for Our Time, ISBN: 0385483716.
  10. Ware, Corinne, Discover Your Spiritual Type, ISBN: 1566991498.

Recommended Texts:

  1. Choi, Hee Ann, A Postcolonial Leadership , Chapter 2 (Available on Canvas).
  2. Lowry, Eugene, The Homiletical Plot , ISBN: 0664222641.

Class Resources:

Suzanne Duchesne-A Voice Cries Out.docx

Bible Commentaries and Other Preaching Resources.doc

The Seven-Step Interpretive Process Form for Sermon #1.doc

The Seven-step Interpretive Process Form for Sermon #2.docx

The Homiletical Plot Form for Sermon #2.docx

Hooke-Chapter 3-The Spirit-Breathed Body.pdf

Kim-Chapter 4-Preaching as an Art of Shared Leadership.PDF

Choi-Postcolonial Leadership_Ch2.PDF

Criteria for Sermon Evaluation.doc

Sermon Feedback Form for Sermon #2 Local Feedback.doc

Mar 26, 2020ThuWeek 1: Introducing yourselfdue by 05:59AM
Mar 26, 2020ThuWeek 1: Course Syllabus Q & Adue by 05:59AM
Mar 26, 2020ThuWeek 1: One-page Essay 1due by 05:59AM
Apr 02, 2020ThuWeek 2: One-page Essay 2due by 05:59AM
Apr 09, 2020ThuWeek 3: Requirement #3due by 05:59AM
Apr 16, 2020ThuWeek 4: The Seven-step Interpretive Form for Sermon #1due by 05:59AM
Apr 16, 2020ThuWeek 4: One-page Essay 3due by 05:59AM
Apr 20, 2020MonWeeks 4-5: Requirement #5/A Sermon Video and Zoom Meeting (Tue., 1:00-5:00; Wed., 9:30-12:00)due by 05:59AM
Apr 20, 2020MonWeek 4: Self-evaluation of Sermon #1due by 05:59AM
May 02, 2020SatWeek 6: Reading Thurman & Choidue by 05:59AM
May 07, 2020ThuWeek 7: Reading Cho; The Seven-step interpretive Process Form for Sermon #2due by 05:59AM
May 14, 2020ThuWeek 8: Reading Tutu; The Homiletical Plot Formdue by 05:59AM
May 21, 2020ThuWeek 9: Requirement #4due by 05:59AM
May 28, 2020ThuWeek 10: Sermon #2 video and feedback (Zoom meeting)due by 05:59AM
May 28, 2020ThuWeek 10: Self-evaluation of Sermon #2 & the summary of local feedback group's evaluationdue by 05:59AM