Ethical Analysis and Advocacy

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If you are unable to join for the Zoom sessions,  no worries.  I will post these and you are welcome to watch later.  I ask that you post a responsive engagement after these are posted in the appropriate discussion section.

Sep 16, 2020Wed1.4 Saying Your Namedue by 05:59AM
Sep 16, 2020Wed1.5 Control of Thoughtdue by 05:59AM
Sep 22, 2020Tue2.0 Gathering Day 1 - Introductions (LINK)due by 04:30PM
Sep 23, 2020Wed2.2 Control of Actiondue by 05:59AM
Sep 23, 2020Wed2.3 Justice as Thought & Actiondue by 05:59AM
Sep 30, 2020Wed3.2 Group Work Developmentdue by 05:59AM
Oct 07, 2020Wed4.2 What Are *Your* Highest Ideals and Spiritual Principlesdue by 05:59AM
Oct 13, 2020Tue5.0 Gathering Day 2 - Lab (LINK)due by 04:30PM
Oct 14, 2020Wed5.2 Lecture 5 Commentsdue by 05:59AM
Oct 14, 2020Wed5.3 Evidence of Having A Mission in Life due by 05:59AM
Oct 21, 2020Wed6.1 Lecture Commentsdue by 05:59AM
Oct 21, 2020Wed6.2 Lecture 6 Commentsdue by 05:59AM
Oct 28, 2020Wed7.1 Courage As Freedom From Resentmentdue by 05:59AM
Oct 28, 2020Wed7.3 Probably Courageous?due by 05:59AM
Nov 03, 2020Tue8.0 Gathering Day 3 - Presentations (LINK)due by 05:30PM
Nov 03, 2020Tue8.1 Group Presentations (POST)due by 05:30PM
Nov 04, 2020Wed8.2 Cartoon Teachingdue by 06:59AM
Nov 11, 2020Wed9.0 Lecture & Assignment 9 via VoiceThreaddue by 06:59AM
Nov 18, 2020Wed10.0 Lecture & Assignment for Week 10due by 06:59AM