IST 2102 1
Intro to Hinduism Intro to Hinduism
4 cr.
Jacob Kinnard

Adv. Req.: Intro to Hinduism
Crs. Dates: Jun 12–Aug 18, 2023
Credits: 4
This course focuses on the main developments and expressions of Hinduism in India. First, we begin with a discussion of the pre-Aryan, indigenous religious context of the Indus Valley, and then turn to the emergence of the Vedas, the earliest stratum of the Hindu tradition. We will then examine the development of the Hindu Upanisads, a highly philosophical genre of literature that significantly questions the religious efficacy of the sacrificial, ritual-based Vedas. Finally, we will turn to the devotional and ritual contexts of the many gods and goddesses, and what is sometimes called "popular Hinduism." along the way, we will explore such major topics as: the changing conceptions of sacrifice; the inquiries into the nature of the self, the nature of the Ultimate, the role and development of devotion; mythology; ritual and its functions; the influence of Buddhism and Islam; and the character of Hinduism in modern India.
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IST 2220 1
Biblical Ethics Biblical Ethics
4 cr.
Miguel De La Torre

Adv. Req.: Biblical Ethics
Crs. Dates: Jun 12–Aug 18, 2023
Credits: 4
Anyone who reads the Bible does so from a particular social location. We are all born into an on-going society that shapes us. When we turn our attention to the biblical text as the source of our theological perspectives, we participate in a dialogue between the written word and the meanings our community taught us to give to these words. Many of us have been taught to read the Bible through the eyes of white, middle-class males. Yet, can the text liberate those who are oppressed? To do so, it must be read with the eyes of the disenfranchised. This course will explore how the Bible can be used to liberate those who suffer due to race, class and gender oppression.
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IST 2240 1
Spiritual Autobiography & Memoir Spiritual Autobiography & Memoir
2 cr.
Katherine Turpin

Adv. Req.: Spiritual Autobiography
Crs. Dates: Jun 12–Aug 18, 2023
Credits: 2
In this course students will read and analyze both historical and contemporary spiritual autobiographies and memoirs. Students will work collaboratively to develop analytical tools for engaging these works as artifacts of individual experience connected to historical, social, political, and religious realities. We will practice writing our own spiritual stories through regular short writing exercises, seeking ways to share these stories in ways that are compelling, honest/truthful, artistic, edifying, and ethical. Together we will explore and critically assess the potential uses of spiritual autobiography for personal reflection, educational use, spiritual care, spiritual formation, preaching/testimony, and organizational promotion and development.
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IST 4004 1
Clinical Pastoral Education Clinical Pastoral Education
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8 cr.
Kristina Lizardy-Hajbi

Adv. Req.: CPE
Credits: 8
Prereqs: Completed 24 hours of coursework
Identity, Power, Vocation, and Community
Interdisciplinary Seminar
Identity, Power and Difference completed
Vocation and Orientation completed
CPE is the required form of internship for MAPSC students and an additional experience available to MDiv students under supervision and directed by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education. Students making this course a part of their Internship requirement must submit a petition to the director of Professional Formation before enrolling. 8 hours, Pass/Fail
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IST 3138 1
Ministry for the Future Ministry for the Future
Hybrid (GD: 7/14 1–5PM; 7/15 8AM–5PM)
4 cr.
DU Faculty

Adv. Req.: Ministry for the Future
Crs. Dates: Jun 12–Aug 18, 2023
Gath. Dates: Fri, Jul 14, 01:00–05:00PM
Sat, Jul 15, 08:00AM–05:00PM
Credits: 4
This course designs, builds, and equips leaders for the “Ministry for the Future.” A ministry for the future attends to the well-being of future generations by honoring and drawing on ancestral practices and traditions, and designs and builds worlds for future generations to thrive. Grounded in practices for creating and shaping ministries that create equitable and regenerative conditions for the people and planet, the Ministry for the Future course will include a two-day intensive simulation and asynchronous course material drawing on insights from futurists, animators, and world-builders. The course is designed for anyone who wants to creatively engage in ministry exploration and actively participate in creating the Ministry for the Future.


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