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SJE Prax: Spiritual Foundations for Social Justice SJE Prax: Spiritual Foundations for Social Justice
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2 cr.
Jennifer Leath

Adv. Req.: SJE Praxis
Meetings: Mon, Aug 12, 12:30–04:00PM
Tue, Aug 13, 12:30–04:00PM
Wed, Aug 14, 12:30–04:00PM
Thu, Aug 15, 12:30–04:00PM
Fri, Aug 16, 12:30–04:00PM
Credits: 2
Summer on-campus instensive -- This course introduces students to modern social justice activists with deep spiritual roots, inviting students to not only learn from the spiritual practices of social justice activists, but also to learn some of the practices of social justice activists. Through this course, students will meet local social justice activists, read the spiritual writings of some of the most noted leaders in movements for social justice, and practice spiritual grounding techniques in order to strengthen their own social justice work. Students who take this class will learn how to be more spiritually grounded as social justice and religious leaders – and how to cultivate spiritual grounding in others as they lead in their contexts.
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