IST 2234 1
Beyond Allyship in Gender Violence Movements Beyond Allyship in Gender Violence Movements
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2 cr.
Jess Li

Adv. Req.: Soc Just & Eth Praxis
Crs. Dates: Mar 28–Jun 03, 2022
Meet. Dates: Tue, Mar 29, 05:30–06:45PM
Tue, Apr 12, 05:30–06:45PM
Tue, Apr 26, 05:30–06:45PM
Tue, May 10, 05:30–06:45PM
Tue, May 31, 05:30–06:45PM
Credits: 2

IST 3093 1
MoralStress,Resilience,Integration MoralStress,Resilience,Integration
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4 cr.
Carrie Doehring

Adv. Req.: Moral Stress, Res.,Integ.
Crs. Dates: Mar 28–Jun 03, 2022
Meet. Dates: Wed, Apr 06, 05:30–06:45PM
Wed, Apr 13, 05:30–06:45PM
Credits: 4
Prereqs: Intro Pastor Theol Care
Past & Spr Care
Moral stress arises from shame/guilt/fear of causing harm involving conflicts in values. Moral injury arises from traumatic stress that is more shame than fear based, and has been research extensively among military personnel. Spiritual integration of moral stress and injury uses spiritual practices and theological meaning-making to compassionately identify life-limiting embedded shame-based values, beliefs, and ways of coping with moral stress and injury (lived theologies) in order to compassionately understand the origins of moral stress and injury. Relational resilience is the outcome of spiritual integration based on spiritual practices fostering compassion and more complex theological ways of understanding moral conflicts, stress and injury. Prereq: IST 2012 Pastoral Theology and Care
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