IST 3010 1
Pilgrimage Comparative Perspective Pilgrimage Comparative Perspective
T 01:00–04:30PM
4 cr.
Jacob Kinnard

Adv. Req.: Pilgrimage/Comp. Persp.
Crs. Dates: Mar 28–Jun 03, 2022
Credits: 4
Room: Bacon 218
This is a comparative course that examines the dynamics of pilgrimage from a number of different angles - theoretical, doctrinal, ritual, social - and which utilizes a variety of sources - including classical, ethnographic studies of actual pilgrimages, and focused studies of particular pilgrimage places - with the goal of gaining a thorough understanding of the phenomena of pilgrimage in all of its complexity. (THEO 6447)
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IST 3157 1
Race, Religion and Constructive Theologies Race, Religion and Constructive Theologies
W 01:00–04:30PM
4 cr.
Girim Jung

Adv. Req.: CT Upper Level
Crs. Dates: Mar 28–Jun 03, 2022
Credits: 4
Room: Shattuck Hall
/ Cancelled -- What does constructive theology have to do with race, non-Christian religions/spiritualities, and other categories of political and cultural subjectivation? This course examines different constructive treatments of race, gender, class, culture, and religions by white and Global Majority constructive theologians and theorists/discourses that they draw from. Weekly course topics/readings will pair a constructive theologian with theoretical texts they draw from in their theological construction. Students will analyze how theologians draw from each respective discourse and note the limitations in applying/adapting those insights into traditional systematic and contemporary constructive theological projects. In addition, students will construct their own theological responses to subjectivation that is applicable to their own communal/ecclesial contexts.

IST 2070 1
Jonah & Its Afterlives Jonah & Its Afterlives
R 01:00–04:30PM
2 cr.
Amy Erickson

Adv. Req.: Jonah & Its Afterlives
Crs. Dates: Mar 28–May 01, 2022
Credits: 2
Room: Bacon 218
This course invites students to engage the book of Jonah in conversation with works of literature, art, and theology that either interpret Jonah and/or explore themes in the book, including the nature of God, prophecy, election, death, and transformation. The course will introduce students to the history of interpretation of Jonah in both Christian and Jewish traditions. Of particular interest will be early Christian and medieval art and Jewish midrashic texts based on Jonah. We will also explore conversations between Jonah and works of English literature and consider Jonah’s afterlives in popular culture. This 2-credit course requires no final paper.
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IST 2080 1
Practical Theology Practical Theology
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4 cr.
Eunjoo Kim

Adv. Req.: Practical Theology
Crs. Dates: Mar 28–Jun 03, 2022
Meet. Dates: Wed, Apr 06, 01:00–03:00PM
Credits: 4
This course explores models of practical theological reflection and methods of reflective professional practice as frameworks for religious leadership in the variety of contexts in which students will work. Students will be introduced to disciplined modes of embodying the integration of theory and praxis that allow them to place their coursework across the curriculum into regular conversation with their practice as religious leaders and ministry professionals in a variety of institutional and cultural contexts.
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