IST 3116 1
Caring w Oppressed Latinamente Caring w Oppressed Latinamente
T 01:00–04:30PM
4 cr.
Ruben Arjona Mejia

Adv. Req.: PC Latinamente
Crs. Dates: Mar 23–May 29, 2020
Credits: 4
Room: Duncan Board Room
This course explores Latinx perspectives on the understanding and practice of care with oppressed individuals and communities. Close attention is given to the relevance of Liberation Theology for pastoral care. Other relevant topics include pastoral accompaniment, community and family, and the notions of mestizaje and lo cotidiano (daily life experience).
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IST 2077 1
Introduction to Judaism Introduction to Judaism
W 01:00–04:30PM
4 cr.
Pam Eisenbaum

Adv. Req.: Introduction to Judaism
Crs. Dates: Mar 23–May 29, 2020
Credits: 4
Room: Bacon 212
description coming
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IST 3013 1
Kierkegaard & Existentialist Theology Kierkegaard & Existentialist Theology
W 01:00–04:30PM
4 cr.
Jeremy Garber

Adv. Req.: Kierkegaard & Exist. Theo
Crs. Dates: Mar 23–May 29, 2020
Credits: 4
Room: Duncan Board Room
Kierkegaard and the origins of existentialism; twentieth-century forms of existentialism and recent developments; the decline of neo-orthodoxy and resurgence of phenomenology. (RLGN 4621)

IST 2235 2
Master s Recital Master s Recital
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0 cr.
Ted Vial

Adv. Req.: Master's Recital
Meet. Dates: Fri, Apr 24, Noon–01:00PM
Credits: 0
The masters recital allows graduating students in the professional masters’ degrees to reflect upon and synthesize the learning that they have experienced throughout their degree program. Engagement with concrete situations, such as case studies and current events, will provide opportunities to connect classroom learning to professional settings. Students will also have the opportunity to name their vocational hopes and directions with their peers and faculty, and participate in other communal conversation and celebration as their degree draws to a close. This is a requirement for graduation for all graduates, as it serves as the primary means for gathering learning outcomes assessment data for our accrediting body.
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