IST 3096 1
Violence & Toleration Medieval Europe Violence & Toleration Medieval Europe
T 05:30–09:00PM
4 cr.
Albert Hernandez

Adv. Req.: Violence&Tol/Med.Europe
Crs. Dates: Mar 25–May 31, 2019
Meetings: Tue, 05:30–09:00PM
Credits: 4
Room: Iliff Hall 201
This course examines a wide range of texts and events from the 11th to the 16th centuries dealing with various forms of violence across the medieval world and contrasts these with medieval notions of toleration in theological and political discourse. Among the topics to be covered will be the Peace of God and the Truce of God, feudal warfare and its legacy, the Crusades and their impact upon the Latin West as well as the Arab world, anti-Semitism in the Latin West, persecution of heretics and witches, church and State struggles, and the various dialogues of mutual, theocentric edification among Islamic, Jewish, and Christian authors. (RLGN4507)


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