IST 2004 1
Intro to the New Testament Intro to the New Testament
T 01:00–04:30PM
4 cr.
Eric Smith

Adv. Req.: Intro to New Testament
Crs. Dates: Jan 06–Mar 13, 2020
Credits: 4
Room: Iliff Hall 301
An introduction to the literature of Christian origins that begins with a look at the context out of which the New Testament emerged, then turns to the earliest extant texts, Paul's letters and covers the Gospels, Acts, and post-Pauline epistles.
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IST 3014 1
Latinx Theology & Ethics Latinx Theology & Ethics
T 01:00–04:30PM
4 cr.
Miguel De La Torre

Adv. Req.: Latinx Theology & Ethics
Crs. Dates: Jan 06–Mar 13, 2020
Credits: 4
Room: Iliff Hall 204
The primary sources of Latino/a theological and ethical thought will be read to discover its foundational tenets. The course will explore this contextual approach to religion to discover how it could serve to liberate the Latino/a community from prevalent oppressive social structures. Comparisons will be made with Eurocentric ethics and theology. (RLGN 4608)
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IST 3037 1
The Pursuit of Happiness: A History The Pursuit of Happiness: A History
W 01:00–04:30PM
4 cr.
Albert Hernandez

Adv. Req.: Pursuit of Happiness
Crs. Dates: Jan 06–Mar 13, 2020
Credits: 4
Room: Iliff Hall 201
This course provides a historical examination of key concepts, major questions, and practices about humanity's search for happiness from the Hellenistic-Roman period of Antiquity through the Early Christian and Medieval periods. The content centers on the role of Classical moral philosophy and Christian theology in the formulation of eudaemonic theories about the problem of happiness in relation to metaphysical and religious influences as well as to socio-cultural, political, and institutional norms and practices that shaped Christian notions of human purpose and potential. The legacies of these ancient ideas on the development of modern assumptions about happiness and human flourishing will also be discussed towards the end of the course.

IST 2080 1
Practical Theology Practical Theology
R 01:00–04:30PM
4 cr.
Ruben Arjona Mejia

Adv. Req.: Practical Theology
Crs. Dates: Jan 06–Mar 13, 2020
Credits: 4
Room: Iliff Hall 201
This course explores models of practical theological reflection and methods of reflective professional practice as frameworks for religious leadership in the variety of contexts in which students will work. Students will be introduced to disciplined modes of embodying the integration of theory and praxis that allow them to place their coursework across the curriculum into regular conversation with their practice as religious leaders and ministry professionals in a variety of institutional and cultural contexts.
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IST 2244 1
Black Church Administration Black Church Administration
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2 cr.
Jennifer Leath

Adv. Req.: Elective Course
Meet. Dates: Mon, Dec 09, 01:00–05:00PM
Tue, Dec 10, 01:00–05:00PM
Wed, Dec 11, 01:00–05:00PM
Thu, Dec 12, 01:00–05:00PM
Fri, Dec 13, 01:00–05:00PM
Credits: 2
WINTER INTERTERM 12/9-13, 1-5p -- This course enhances the administrative skills of leaders doing or planning to do ministry in predominantly Black churches. Administration is explored both as a matter of individual gifts and skills and as a community practice shaped by shared or contested needs and expectations. Issues of administrative management in terms of liturgical development, budgeting, fundraising, daily and seasonal organizational patterns, board leadership, demographic awareness, ecumenical/interfaith/community engagement, cultivation and maintenance of new members, and the spiritual and material life of church administrators. Particular attention will be given to the spiritual and fiduciary, ethical and justice concerned dimensions of administration as influenced by the unique culture of people of African descent and the churches of people of African descent - especially, but not limited to, the United States context. We will welcome local and national guests as contributors to this class in person and through a virtual platform.
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