IST 2020 1
Community Organizing Community Organizing
M 01:00–04:30PM
4 cr.
Kristina Lizardy-Hajbi

Adv. Req.: Community Organizing
Crs. Dates: Jan 07–Mar 15, 2019
Credits: 4
Room: Bacon 212
A strong democracy depends on the civic agency of the people. In this course, students will learn about the history and core concepts of relational, broad-based community organizing in the United States, while gaining community organizing practice within their own communities. Students will reflect on their core values to define and develop their core self interest and public identity, build meaningful public relationships across difference and diversity, build and evaluate power, and develop community organizing strategies in collaboration with others.
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IST 2004 1
Intro to the New Testament Intro to the New Testament
T 01:00–04:30PM
4 cr.
Eric Smith

Adv. Req.: Intro to New Testament
Crs. Dates: Jan 07–Mar 15, 2019
Credits: 4
Room: Iliff Hall 202
An introduction to the literature of Christian origins that begins with a look at the context out of which the New Testament emerged, then turns to the earliest extant texts, Paul's letters and covers the Gospels, Acts, and post-Pauline epistles.
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IST 3123 1
Pastoral Care of Couples & Families Pastoral Care of Couples & Families
T 01:00–04:30PM
4 cr.
Ruben Arjona Mejia

Adv. Req.: Pastoral Care/Couples&Fam
Crs. Dates: Jan 07–Mar 15, 2019
Credits: 4
This course examines various theories, methods, and theologies for the pastoral care and counseling of couples and families. The course encourages the students’ self-reflection on their families of origin as a source of insight for the care of others. Topics include pre-marital counseling, the care of heterosexual and queer couples, and the pastoral accompaniment of children, adolescents, single adults, and the elderly.
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IST 2080 1
Practical Theology Practical Theology
R 01:00–04:30PM
4 cr.
Eunjoo Kim

Adv. Req.: Practical Theology
Crs. Dates: Jan 07–Mar 15, 2019
Credits: 4
Room: Duncan Board Room
This course explores models of practical theological reflection and methods of reflective professional practice as frameworks for religious leadership in the variety of contexts in which students will work. Students will be introduced to disciplined modes of embodying the integration of theory and praxis that allow them to place their coursework across the curriculum into regular conversation with their practice as religious leaders and ministry professionals in a variety of institutional and cultural contexts.
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