IST 2003 1
Intro to the Hebrew Bible Intro to the Hebrew Bible
T 08:30AM–Noon
4 cr.
Mark George

Adv. Req.: Intro to Hebrew Bible
Crs. Dates: Sep 13–Nov 19, 2021
Meetings: Tue, 08:30AM–Noon
Credits: 4
Room: Shattuck Hall
Cancelled -- An introduction to the literature and history of ancient Israel and early Judaism with special attention to the various methods appropriate to studying the Hebrew Bible.
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IST 3037 1
The Pursuit of Happiness: A History The Pursuit of Happiness: A History
R 08:30AM–Noon
4 cr.
Albert Hernandez

Adv. Req.: Pursuit of Happiness
Crs. Dates: Sep 13–Nov 19, 2021
Meetings: Thu, 08:30AM–Noon
Credits: 4
Room: Shattuck Hall
This course provides a historical examination of key concepts, major questions, and practices about humanity's search for happiness from the Hellenistic-Roman period of Antiquity through the Early Christian and Medieval periods. The content centers on the role of Classical moral philosophy and Christian theology in the formulation of eudaemonic theories about the problem of happiness in relation to metaphysical and religious influences as well as to socio-cultural, political, and institutional norms and practices that shaped Christian notions of human purpose and potential. The legacies of these ancient ideas on the development of modern assumptions about happiness and human flourishing will also be discussed towards the end of the course.

IST 1100 1
Identity,Power, & Vocation in Community Identity,Power, & Vocation in Community
W 10:00AM–Noon
2 cr.
Jared Vazquez

Adv. Req.: Identity,Power&Voc.inCom1
Crs. Dates: Sep 13–Nov 19, 2021
Meetings: Wed, 10:00AM–Noon
Credits: 2
The three course sequence of "Identity, Power, and Vocation in Community" (IPVC) cultivates students’ ability to engage in social and theological analysis about social structures, ideologies, and embodied practices that lead to domination or oppression. It facilitates critical thinking about social locations, power and privilege, and what effect these have on students' vocational paths. The course takes the perspective that this sort of analysis, engaged in community and supported with spiritual practices, is crucial to serving effectively in today’s complex social environment. It encourages students to deepen their commitment to dismantling privilege and oppression at individual, institutional, and societal levels.

IST 1024 1
Prophetic Ministries: Immigration, Refugees, and Displacement Prophetic Ministries: Immigration, Refugees, and Displacement
W 01:00–04:30PM
4 cr.

Adv. Req.: Interdisciplinary Seminar
Crs. Dates: Sep 13–Nov 19, 2021
Meetings: Wed, 01:00–04:30PM
Credits: 4
Room: Shattuck Hall
This four-credit course is the foundational course for Masters students, honing critical writing skills. The course surveys models of prophetic leadership in ministry with an emphasis on immigration, refugees & displacement. Students are invited to consider traditional and contemporary models of prophetic ministry drawn from theological, ethical, homiletical, sociological, and literary scholarship – as well as political, journalistic, religious, and secular sources
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IST 3133 1
Decolonial Theologies of the Global South Decolonial Theologies of the Global South
R 01:00–04:30PM
4 cr.
Girim Jung

Adv. Req.: Decolonial Theol/Glob.So.
Crs. Dates: Sep 13–Nov 19, 2021
Meetings: Thu, 01:00–04:30PM
Credits: 4
Room: Shattuck Hall
This course will explore the theological and critical writings of theologians and theorists of the Global South in the 20th and 21st Centuries. Resisting an Area Studies approach to theological studies in the First/Third World paradigm of the Cold War, this course adopts Alina Sajed’s definition of Global South as including necropolitical zones in the North” characterized by exploitation, oppression and neocolonial relations” while unpacking the neocolonial activity of historic Third World nation-states in East Asia and the Arabian Peninsula. Readings will include texts incorporating liberationist, anti/post/decolonial, anticapitalist, feminist, queer, indigenous, and Marxist lenses. Theoretical texts will counterbalance theological writings to assess their liberative potentialities whilst also acknowledging their limitations.

IST 2510 1
Introduction to Theology Introduction to Theology
T 01:30–04:30PM
4 cr.
Philip Butler

Adv. Req.: Intro to Theology
Crs. Dates: Sep 13–Nov 19, 2021
Meetings: Tue, 01:30–04:30PM
Credits: 4
Room: Library Portico
The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the goals, tasks, and basic content of Christian theology. In particular we will look at systematic theology, what it is, why it is important, how it works, and historical resources from the Christian tradition that are relevant to many vocations today.

IST 3184 1
Mysticism and Activism Mysticism and Activism
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4 cr.
Julie Todd

Adv. Req.: Elective Course
Crs. Dates: Sep 13–Nov 19, 2021
Credits: 4
This course investigates primarily modern sources for understanding the relationship between mysticism and social activism, exploring the impulse and resistance to deep structural transformation at the level of the human individual and collective, institutional contexts. Considering examples of (primarily) modern mystics, the course engages topics and practices of mysticism and activism in their shared dimensions of contemplation, transformation, and social action. The course places historical and contemporary mystic-activists, as well as the student as mystic-activist, in the context of their individual and community identity in relation to systems of power, oppression and privilege.

IST 4004 1
Clinical Pastoral Education Clinical Pastoral Education
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8 cr.
Kristina Lizardy-Hajbi

Adv. Req.: Clin Pastoral Educ
Crs. Dates: Sep 13–Nov 19, 2021
Credits: 8
Prereqs: Completed 24 hours of coursework
Identity, Power, Vocation, and Community
Interdisciplinary Seminar
Identity, Power and Difference completed
Vocation and Orientation completed
CPE is the required form of internship for MAPSC students and an additional experience available to MDiv students under supervision and directed by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education. Students making this course a part of their Internship requirement must submit a petition to the director of Professional Formation before enrolling. 8 hours, Pass/Fail
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