Iliff Summer 2014 Course Schedule

Iliff - Summer 2014

Advising Req.: Comp Relig Trads Depth
Enrollment: 6/35

Course Dates: Jul 28-Aug 08, 2014

An introduction to the Buddhist philosophical tradition that covers both the different philosophical movements within Buddhism as schools of thoughts and major philosophical issues, such as the theory of karma and determinism, the nature of mind, proofs for past and future lives, theories of knowledge, ethics, the doctrine of emptiness and the nature of enlightenment.

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Advising Req.: Historical Dev Depth
Enrollment: 12/35

Course Dates: Jul 14-Jul 25, 2014

This course provides a historical examination of key concepts, major questions, and practices about humanity's search for happiness from the Hellenistic-Roman period of Antiquity through the Early Christian and Medieval periods. The content centers on the role of Classical moral philosophy and Christian theology in the formulation of eudaemonic theories about the problem of happiness in relation to metaphysical and religious influences as well as to socio-cultural, political, and institutional norms and practices that shaped Christian notions of human purpose and potential. The legacies of these ancient ideas on the development of modern assumptions about happiness and human flourishing will also be discussed towards the end of the course.

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Advising Req.: Relig Practices Depth
Enrollment: 5/12

Course Dates: Jun 23-Jul 03, 2014

This course will help students to understand the liturgical seasons of the Christian year and the formation of the lectionary thorugh reading and lectures, and to prepare their sermons by deepening the doctrinal themes based on the lectionary. Through reading and discussing theological books and novels focusing on such themes as eschatology and Christian hope, discipleship, sin and atonement, and the Church, students will explore theological meanings in relation to lectionary texts. Students will also improve their preaching skills through the practice of preaching in class. Note: 300/3000 level preaching courses are available to DMin students and masters students who have completed the basic Sequence requirement in preaching (either 5SQ 103, BV 2243 or BV 2520) and obtained permission of the instructor. Most preaching courses are limited in enrollment.

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Advising Req.: Relig Practices Depth
Enrollment: 4/35

Course Dates: Jul 07-Jul 18, 2014

By reading some of the most important "classic" and recent theorists of ritual, and by learning to observe and understand ritual behavior, this class will examine the important role of ritual in defining religious groups, creating religious identity, forming religious beliefs, and structuring how we view the world. (Alternative for Sequence V requirement 5SQ108 Intro to Christian Worship)

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Advising Req.: Elective Course
Enrollment: 11/30

Meeting Dates: Mon-Fri, Jul 7-11, 8:30AM-Noon

Organizations of highly motivated and engaged individuals need leaders who develop and nurture cultures in which people of diverse backgrounds feel valued, are deeply connected to one other, and are aligned with a shared mission. In this course, we will examine the theological and psychosocial foundations of authentic leadership grounded in self-reflection and the embodiment of core values. Awareness of our own Otherness and exploration of traditional approaches to diversity will help us develop interconnected, inclusive relationships of trust. Finally, we will learn how to leverage differences and create cultures where people individually and collectively flourish.

Advising Req.: Elective Course
Enrollment: 16/18

Meeting Dates: Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri, Jul 7-8, 10-11, 1:00PM-4:30PM

An exploration of spiritual practices designed to expand our understanding of prayer and to experience the many ways we can practice the presence of God.

Advising Req.: Social Analysis Breadth
Enrollment: 16/19

Course Dates: Jun 16-Aug 15, 2014

Introduction to ethical reflection about contemporary moral issues in an ecumenical and global context drawing on ethical and sociological theory and analysis and on theological and psychological perspectives.

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Advising Req.: Elective Course
Enrollment: 12/19

Course Dates: Jun 16-Aug 15, 2014

Organization and methodology of The United Methodist Church. This course meets the disciplinary requirement for diaconal ministry or ordination to elder or permanent deacon in the U.M.C. (offered each year).

Advising Req.: Clin Pastoral Educ
Enrollment: 8/8

Course Dates: Jun 16-Aug 22, 2014

CPE is the required form of internship for MAPSC students and an additional experience available to MDiv students under supervision and directed by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education. Students making this course a part of their Internship requirement must submit a petition to the director of Professional Formation before enrolling. 8 hours (may be spread over two quarters), Pass/Fail

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Advising Req.: Social Change Internship
Enrollment: 9/20

Course Dates: Jun 13-Aug 23, 2014

Meeting Dates: Fri, Jun 13, 1:00PM-4:30PM
Sat, Jun 14, 9:00AM-4:30AM
Fri, Aug 22, 1:00PM-4:30PM
Sat, Aug 23, 9:00AM-4:30PM

MASC students complete their internship over the summer term and concurrently register for this hybrid Internship Seminar, which meets for two-day weekend praxes at both the beginning and end of the summer, nad online throughout the summer. Prerequistie: Vocation and Orientation; Identity, Power and Difference; and Phases I & II of the Consultation and Guidance process. 8 hours, Pass/Fail

Advising Req.: Relig Practices Breadth
Enrollment: 15/19

Course Dates: Jun 16-Aug 15, 2014

Draws on social theory, ethnography and reception studies to examine how religion is embedded in media, and how ritualized media practices function as religion.

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Advising Req.: Sacred Texts Breadth
Enrollment: 10/19

Course Dates: Jun 16-Aug 08, 2014

Gathering Days: Mon, Jun 16, 8:30AM-Noon
Mon, Jun 16, 1:00PM-4:30PM

An introduction to the literature and history of ancient Israel and early Judaism with special attention to the various methods appropriate to studying the Hebrew Bible.