Iliff Summer 2017 Course Schedule

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IST 3101 1
Holy Spirit: History & Traditions Holy Spirit: History & Traditions
MTWRF 01:00–04:30PM
4 cr.
Albert Hernandez

Adv. Req.: Historical Dev Depth
Crs. Dates: Jul 24–Aug 04, 2017
Credits: 4
Enrollment: 5/25
What have Christian believed and written about the Holy Spirit through the centuries? Why does Pentecost show up in such different ways across the pages of Christian theology and literature? The midst of the European Enlightenment, why did John Wesley hold such special reverence for the role of experience in Christian thought and education? Why has the Pentecostal legacy functioned simultaneously as a subversive trope for critiquing dominant church paradigms while also sparking creative, re-interpretations of Christian tradition among so many reformers? These are just a few of the questions explored in this class as we discuss historical and theological works by contemporary scholars in pneumtology and church history.

IST 2004 1
Intro to the New Testament Intro to the New Testament
4 cr.
Eric Smith

Adv. Req.: Sacred Texts Breadth
Crs. Dates: Jun 12–Aug 18, 2017
Credits: 4
Enrollment: 12/19
An introduction to the literature of Christian origins that begins with a look at the context out of which the New Testament emerged, then turns to the earliest extant texts, Paul's letters and covers the Gospels, Acts, and post-Pauline epistles.
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Bart Ehrman. The New Testament: A Historical Introduction to the Early Christian Writings, 5th Edition. Oxford University Press, 2011. ISBN: 978-0199757534.
Pamela Eisenbaum. Paul Was Not A Christian: The Original Message of a Misunderstood Apostle. HarperOne, 2010. ISBN: 978-0061349911.
Krister Stendahl. Final Account: Paul's Letter to the Romans. Fortress Press, 1995. ISBN: 978-0800629229.
Amy-Jill Levine; Marc Z. Brettler. The Jewish Annotated New Testament. Oxford University Press, 2011. ISBN: 978-0195297706.

IST 2005 1
Ethical Analysis and Advocacy Ethical Analysis and Advocacy
4 cr.
Jennifer Leath

Adv. Req.: Social Analysis Breadth
Crs. Dates: Jun 12–Aug 18, 2017
Credits: 4
Enrollment: 19/19
Introduction to ethical reflection about contemporary moral issues in an ecumenical and global context drawing on ethical and sociological theory and analysis and on theological and psychological perspectives.

IST 4003 1
MASJE Internship Seminar MASJE Internship Seminar
Hybrid (GD: )
8 cr.

Adv. Req.: Soc Just & Eth Internship
Crs. Dates: Jun 12–Aug 18, 2017
Credits: 8
Prereqs: Vocation and Orientation completed
Consultation and Formation I completed
Identity, Power and Difference completed
Enrollment: 0/10
MASJE students complete their internship over the summer term and concurrently register for this hybrid Internship Seminar, which meets in person twice for two-day praxes at both the beginning and end of the summer, and online throughout the summer. Prerequisite: Vocation and Orientation; Identity, Power and Difference; and Phase I of the Consultation and Guidance process. 8 hours, Pass/Fail

IST 2053 1
Spiritual Direct: Model for Ministry Spiritual Direct: Model for Ministry
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2 cr.
Jane Vennard

Adv. Req.: Elective Course
Meet. Dates: Mon, Jul 17, 01:00–04:30PM
Tue, Jul 18, 01:00–04:30PM
Wed, Jul 19, 01:00–04:30PM
Thu, Jul 20, 01:00–04:30PM
Fri, Jul 21, 01:00–04:30PM
Credits: 2
Enrollment: 6/18
At the heart of both individual and group spiritual direction is deep listening and discernment. For all of ministry to follow that model church leaders, lay and ordained, need to become people who know how to hear with the heart. This class will explore and practice the basic tenets of spiritual direction and then transfer them to other areas of ministry such as pastoral care, preaching, stewardship, and administration. The class is experiential and will include large and small group discussions, personal reflection, dialogue and prayer.

IST 2097 1
Reformers and Radicals Reformers and Radicals
Hybrid (GD: 7/18–19 8:30AM–Noon)
4 cr.
Ted Vial

Adv. Req.: Constructive Theo Breadth
Crs. Dates: Jun 12–Aug 18, 2017
Gath. Dates: Tue, Jul 18, 08:30AM–Noon
Wed, Jul 19, 08:30AM–Noon
Credits: 4
Enrollment: 6/19
This course provides an introduction to the history of Christian thought in its political, social, and institutional contexts, during Protestantism’s formative period. We will cover late medieval theology, the main Protestant Reformers, the Radical Reformation (Anabaptists et al), the Catholic Reformation, and end with Wesley. The focus is on the development of theology, which provides the basis for contemporary theological reflection.
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IST 2026 1
U. M. Polity for Leadership U. M. Polity for Leadership
Hybrid (GD: 7/20–21 8:30AM–Noon)
4 cr.
Randall Jessen

Adv. Req.: Elective Course
Crs. Dates: Jun 12–Aug 18, 2017
Gath. Dates: Thu, Jul 20, 08:30AM–Noon
Fri, Jul 21, 08:30AM–Noon
Credits: 4
Enrollment: 2/19
Organization and methodology of The United Methodist Church. This course meets the disciplinary requirement for diaconal ministry or ordination to elder or permanent deacon in the U.M.C. (offered each year).