IST 2003 1
Intro to the Hebrew Bible Intro to the Hebrew Bible
4 cr.
Eric Smith

Adv. Req.: Sacred Texts Breadth
Crs. Dates: Jun 11–Aug 17, 2018
Credits: 4
Enrollment: 6/19
An introduction to the literature and history of ancient Israel and early Judaism with special attention to the various methods appropriate to studying the Hebrew Bible.
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IST 2024 1
United Methodist History United Methodist History
4 cr.
Michele Watkins

Adv. Req.: Elective Course
Crs. Dates: Jun 11–Aug 11, 2018
Credits: 4
Enrollment: 4/19
English Methodism to the death of John Wesley; the United Methodist tradition in North America; racial and ethnic diversity and the role of women in United Methodism. This course meets the disciplinary requirements for ordination. Offered each year.

IST 2137 1
Intro to Spirituality Intro to Spirituality
4 cr.
Paula Lee

Adv. Req.: Relig Practices Breadth
Crs. Dates: Jun 11–Aug 17, 2018
Credits: 4
Enrollment: 6/19
An exploration of “spirituality” and “spiritual but not religious” in contemporary public and scholarly discourse, and the implications for those who nurture the spiritual lives of others. The meaning of “spirituality" is contested and understood in multiple and sometimes conflicting ways, leading to challenges in ministry and teaching. We will consider beliefs and practices of the “spiritual but not religious” population, compare and assess definitions of “spirituality,” explore its Christian historical antecedents and examine how it is understood within other traditions and perspectives. Questions will be explored through the lenses of historical and contemporary thinkers as well as the ways students understand and nurture spirituality in their own ministry contexts. We will “trace the sacred” as it manifests in sometimes surprising ways in contemporary life.

IST 3058 1
Liberating Sex Liberating Sex
4 cr.
Miguel De La Torre

Adv. Req.: Social Analysis Depth
Crs. Dates: Jun 11–Aug 17, 2018
Credits: 4
Enrollment: 18/19
The purpose of the course is to search the Christian Scriptures, in spite of its accusations of being patriarchal, to find biblically-based guidelines for developing an ethical sexual lifestyle that is aware of how racism, classism, and specifically sexism influences the current conversation on sexual ethics. The course's focus will be on developing healthy models that foster intimacy and vulnerability for a disjointed and at times oppressive community.
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IST 3121 1
Daoism & Chinese Healing Practices Daoism & Chinese Healing Practices
4 cr.
Emily Wu

Adv. Req.: Comp Relig Trads Depth
Crs. Dates: Jun 11–Aug 17, 2018
Credits: 4
Enrollment: 15/19
Daoism is one of the traditional Three Teachings that inform the Chinese religious perspectives and cultural practices. The Daoist theories and methods of bodily cultivation and healing also contributed substantially to the development of Chinese Medicine. This course will introduce the Daoist worldview and practices, with emphasis on how rituals, food, and physical exercises transform not only the human body, but the cosmos as a whole.

IST 4004 1
Clinical Pastoral Education Clinical Pastoral Education
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8 cr.
Jason Whitehead

Adv. Req.: Clin Pastoral Educ
Crs. Dates: Jun 11–Aug 17, 2018
Credits: 8
CPE is the required form of internship for MAPSC students and an additional experience available to MDiv students under supervision and directed by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education. Students making this course a part of their Internship requirement must submit a petition to the director of Professional Formation before enrolling. 8 hours (may be spread over two quarters), Pass/Fail

IST 3098 1
Theology & the Construction of Race Theology & the Construction of Race
Hybrid (GD: 7/12–13 8:30AM–Noon)
4 cr.
Ted Vial

Adv. Req.: Constructive Theo Depth
Crs. Dates: Jun 11–Aug 17, 2018
Gath. Dates: Thu, Jul 12, 08:30AM–Noon
Fri, Jul 13, 08:30AM–Noon
Credits: 4
Enrollment: 8/19
Several important books have recently been published making the case that religion, and more specifically, Christian theology, have played a constitutive role in creating the ideas of race and racial hierarchies. This course is an extended argument (with which students are free to agree or disagree in part or in whole—in any case they will become familiar with the relevant literature and concepts) that 1. In significant ways religion and race are modern, not universal or permanent, constructions; that 2. Religion and race are two of the very few fundamental conceptual building blocks of the modern world, such that, no matter what one thinks of religion and race, one is unable to think or operate in the modern world without them; and that 3. Religion and race are mutually imbricated in such a way that, even when race is not explicitly a topic of discussion or observation, modern religion is always already racialized. (RLGN4413)
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IST 3101 1
Holy Spirit: History & Traditions Holy Spirit: History & Traditions
Hybrid (GD: 7/12–13 1–4:30PM)
4 cr.
Albert Hernandez

Adv. Req.: Historical Dev Depth
Crs. Dates: Jun 11–Aug 17, 2018
Gath. Dates: Thu, Jul 12, 01:00–04:30PM
Fri, Jul 13, 01:00–04:30PM
Credits: 4
Enrollment: 10/19
This course focuses on the history of pneumatology and traditions of Pentecost from the early middle ages to the 1700s. What have Christian believed and written about the Holy Spirit through the centuries? Why does Pentecost show up in such different ways across the pages of Christian theology and literature? The midst of the European Enlightenment, why did John Wesley hold such special reverence for the role of experience in Christian thought and education? Why has the Pentecostal legacy functioned simultaneously as a subversive trope for critiquing dominant church paradigms while also sparking creative, re-interpretations of Christian tradition among so many reformers? These are just a few of the questions explored in this class as we discuss historical and theological works by contemporary scholars in pneumatology and church history.


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